Tree logging, NSW

As a society, we require wood for various applications. We use timber to build house frames, make quality furniture, manufacture railway sleepers, as firewood, and much more. It’s an essential material for residential, commercial and industrial use – timber builds, powers and warms the country!

Sustainable mechanical tree harvesting and forest thinning

What do forests require? You might think logging is bad for the environment, but the truth is it can actually enhance the long-term health of a forest. When conducted by qualified and professional tree logging companies, felling trees can actually enhance a forest by providing space in which to regenerate.

“Sivilculture” is what we practice and this includes thinning forests so they can continue to grow and regenerate themselves. As a forest logging company in NSW, we strike that balance between supply and demand for wood while keeping forests healthy.

As a reputable tree felling and logging company, we adhere to:

  • Private Native Forestry (PNF) Code of Practice and relevant NSW Forestry legislation
  • Forestry Corporation of NSW Code of Practice for Timber Harvesting in Forests NSW Plantations
  • Work Health and Safety Act 2011 legislation
  • State Forests of NSW Forest Practices Code – Timber Harvesting in Native Forests
  • Code of Practice 202 and AS 4801 – Occupational Health and Safety Management.

Our extensive experience in the industry means we will be able to develop a suitable plan to harvest your forest sustainably and safely. Our tree loggers are qualified and compliant with all relevant codes and laws.

Tree felling safety

We ensure our forest logging procedures are carried out according to strict safety guidelines. All relevant insurances and safe work practices are covered before tree felling begins. Our staff are qualified, we develop site safety plans, emergency meeting points are clear, signage is installed throughout the forest and clear communication mobiles are used (UHF 8 radios). A supervising field officer provides direction to ensure the plan is implemented safely and in compliance with the relevant codes of practice.

Part of what we do includes log haulage to our wood yard near Balranald, NSW. Please contact us for enquiries about our tree felling services, we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.