Forest and tree logging services, NSW

Forest Logging produces over 14,000 tonnes of premium redgum firewood each year. Harvested sustainably from legally sourced and manged forests within a close radius of our firewood yard were we produce our logs into split or block firewood.

We then sell in wholesale bulk truck loads all over Victoria, NSW & South Australia. We pride ourselves with producing quality firewood as it is a family business. We strive to work closely with our customers and hope the working relations are years beyond.


We use mechanical tree harvesting equipment to fell or thin your plantation timber. Using our specialised equipment, we can fell the tree,  cross-cut the log ready for a range of uses. Our  logging team are qualified to work safely and efficiently within relevant government and forestry laws and codes of practice. If you’d like more information about how we operate or how we can help you, please contact Forest Logging today.

All our timber is harvested on legally sustainable forests managed by Forestry NSW.


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Log haulage


Tree Logging

As a society, we require wood for various applications. We use timber to build house frames, make quality furniture, manufacture railway sleepers, as firewood, and much more. It’s an essential material for residential, commercial and industrial use – timber builds, powers and warms the country! Sustainable mechanical tree harvesting and forest thinning What do forests require?...
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Log Haulage

Part of what we do includes hauling the logs we have harvested to our own purpose-built wood yard which is located just a few kilometers from Balranald in NSW. Our trucks haul the felled trees to our wood yard where they are transformed into firewood blocks or split firewood. This is where we sort through...
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Bulk Firewood

Wholesaler of premium dry Redgum Firewood  We provide bulk Red Gum firewood supplies in NSW, SA & Victoria. We undertake a careful selection process which means only the driest and cleanest firewood makes it to the consumer. Red Gum firewood is brilliant to use in residential fireplaces as a source of heat and in commercial...
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