Forest Logging FAQ

Wholesale firewood

Where do you service for timber logging and tree felling?

Our Forest Logging services, including mechanical tree harvesting, are available in the Balranald and district New South Wales areas. We service commercial and non-commercial clients, including National Parks and forest owners.

What varieties of timber do you harvest and haul?

We mainly focus on River Red Gums (Eucalyptus camaldulensis).

Is mechanical tree harvesting bad for the environment?

Not when done by qualified, reputable tree logging companies. In fact, mechanical tree harvesting can actually have a positive impact both for the biodiversity of a forest and the forest owners. Tree felling is an important part in encouraging forest regeneration and we ensure this process is carefully planned, conducted and supervised. Forest owners can benefit financially from the sale of quality timber to be used in a variety of products.

Do you sell timber products?

We sell high-quality, dry and clean Red Gum firewood! Our firewood blocks and splits are available in bulk supplies for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. Contact us for purchase information.

Are your tree loggers safe?

You can be assured that our staff are qualified and work within all safety parameters, including government laws and forest codes of practice.