wholesale bagged redgum firewood

Wholesale bulk bagged redgum firewood Victoria

June 12, 2021 Forest logging is one of Victoria’s largest suppliers of bulk wholesale redgum firewood and we are now selling pre-bagged redgum firewood. Forest Logging can supply your business with bagged redgum firewood ready to go straight onto the fire. No restacking of wood dumped out the front of your house, no splitting of wood. It’s all...
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February 13, 2020 Check out our Facebook page: Firewood Balranald

Wholesale Firewood Sale

October 22, 2018 Call now to discuss our Spring Summer wholesale bulk loads of firewood. Only 8 k’s south of Balranald, onsite weighbridge, easy access, happy to work in with anytime your truck is ready to load.  


October 18, 2018 PREMIUM DRY REDGUM FIREWOOD SPRING, SUMMER SALE NOW ON! BUY BETWEEN OCTOBER & NOVEMBER TO SAVE ON YOUR BULK WHOLESALE FIREWOOD IN THE QUIETER TIMES. Get in early and stock up on your seasoned quality source of warmth in the quieter times, not only save, but you will be guaranteed not too miss out before...
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Why we love red gum firewood in NSW

November 17, 2016 Red gum firewood is the sustainable power behind NSW. Not only providing high-efficiency heating without a heavy carbon footprint, our red gum firewood yard also provides much-needed local jobs and boosts the economy. As a business we place a huge importance on red gum firewood, not only in a sales sense but what its production and...
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Are New South Wales logging companies environmentally friendly?

October 17, 2016 Many people think logging is bad for the environment – but when practiced by experienced, professional tree logging companies, logging actually helps encourage forest growth and regeneration. Timber is a necessity in our society but at Forest Logging we are committed to the preservation and long-term health of our forests. Like all good New South...
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Ideal time to stock up on redgum firewood in South Australia

September 15, 2016 Although the bitterness of winter is starting to dissipate, spring time can be an excellent opportunity for South Australians to source and stock up on bulk redgum firewood. Firstly, we all know how unpredictable our weather can be and chilly days and nights can persist right into November. Secondly, if you act now and get...
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Wholesale firewood the environmental choice for Adelaide manufacturers

August 26, 2016 Well-known for innovation in the manufacturing industry, Adelaide relies on wholesale firewood as the environmental choice for power and heating. As a premium South Australian wholesale firewood supplier, we know what businesses need to fulfill corporate and social responsibility requirements, without damaging the bottom line. Throughout each stage of the firewood supply process, from selection to processing...
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Sustainable redgum firewood for Melbourne homes

July 29, 2016 There’s nothing quite like the warmth and comfort of an open fireplace in your home. At Forest Logging, we see no reason why our customers can’t have the best of both worlds – traditional redgum firewood that keeps you warm without pricking your conscience. As a leading firewood supplier, we take care to select the best...
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