Why we love red gum firewood in NSW

November 17, 2016

Red gum firewood is the sustainable power behind NSW. Not only providing high-efficiency heating without a heavy carbon footprint, our red gum firewood yard also provides much-needed local jobs and boosts the economy.

As a business we place a huge importance on red gum firewood, not only in a sales sense but what its production and distribution means to Forest Logging and our local community. We also understand the increasing importance of sustainable practices and the impact of wood production on the environment. Therefore, we engage in the most environmentally friendly practices possible before, during and after the production of our NSW native red gum firewood.

At Forest Logging, we strive to be one of the premier red gum firewood producers in NSW. With respect for the natural product and the environment we are dealing with, we deliver the cleanest and driest firewood to the consumer.

Red gum firewood is not only a sustainable choice as a fuel source for heat or energy, but it’s slow burning nature and heat it creates can spread warmth and comfort far and wide without the emissions of new-age heating systems.

Although summer is at our doorstep, stocking up on your firewood supplies ahead of winter will leave you with one less thing to worry about when the seasons change again. If you need dry and clean red gum firewood supplies in NSW, Forest Logging should be your go-to supplier.