Are New South Wales logging companies environmentally friendly?

October 17, 2016

Many people think logging is bad for the environment – but when practiced by experienced, professional tree logging companies, logging actually helps encourage forest growth and regeneration.

Timber is a necessity in our society but at Forest Logging we are committed to the preservation and long-term health of our forests. Like all good New South Wales tree logging companies, we use sustainable practices to ensure our logging activities allow vegetation to regenerate and forests to remain healthy.

Felling trees can be for the betterment of forests particularly when carried out by professional New South Wales tree logging companies. Our tree logging practices, known as “Silviculture”, involves using measure to control the establishment, growth, health, and quality of forests. This includes thinning forest areas to encourage and allow for future growth and regeneration.

At Forest Logging, our tree loggers are qualified and extensively experienced in the industry. We specialise in developing plans for harvesting forest safely and sustainably and we comply with all relevant codes and laws.

We consider ourselves the best among New South Wales tree logging companies when it comes to sustainable practices and we adhere to a range of codes of practices and legislation the confirm dedication to such practices. For more information on our practices, visit our tree logging page or contact us directly.