Wholesale firewood the environmental choice for Adelaide manufacturers

August 26, 2016

Well-known for innovation in the manufacturing industry, Adelaide relies on wholesale firewood as the environmental choice for power and heating. As a premium South Australian wholesale firewood supplier, we know what businesses need to fulfill corporate and social responsibility requirements, without damaging the bottom line.

Throughout each stage of the firewood supply process, from selection to processing and delivery, the team at Forest Logging follows all relevant government regulations and forestry codes of practice – so we can pass the benefits on to you.

Sustainable practices benefit everyone – from the end customer to the park or forest owners. Park owners can make a profit from the highly valued firewood, while the cost of wholesale wood is kept reasonable for industrial and commercial customers.

Plus you get the best quality, clean, dry and highly effective firewood. Our firewood is an excellent, economical source of both heat and power for Adelaide’s manufacturers. Stacked up against traditional fossil fuels, wholesale firewood is the best choice for output – while helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

If you are looking for firewood with a low moisture content, Forest Logging offers a superior product – with an average moisture content of between 15 and 20 per cent. Dry firewood ensures your business can make the most of the slow-burning benefits, for an efficient and environmentally friendly power source.

Please contact us for more information about wholesale firewood in Adelaide.