Bulk firewood supplies keeping Victoria warm this winter

April 29, 2016

Despite an unseasonably warm April, winter is well and truly on the way. Don’t get left out in the cold – come to us for affordable, high-quality bulk firewood supplies across Victoria.

As a well-known premium supplier of bulk firewood, you can’t go past the quality of our product. We source and select the best Red Gum firewood, ideal for both home and commercial heating needs. We know what you need to keep you warm through winter, without costing you an arm and a leg.

There’s nothing worse than a weak or smoky fire, caused by an excess of moisture in your firewood. We keep the moisture content of our firewood to between just 15 to 20 per cent, so you can be assured of toasty warmth throughout the day and night.

From sourcing through to the firewood burning in your home or business, our bulk firewood supplies meet sustainable practice requirements. Firewood is an excellent source of heat and energy compared to fossil fuels – offering a cost-affordable way to heat or power your premises while lowering emissions and reducing your carbon footprint.

We offer split or block bulk firewood, meaning there is very little waste of tree material and your firewood supply will stack neatly for maximum efficiency

Get in quick and order your bulk firewood supplies before the winter rush. Please contact us for more information.