The benefits of farm forest logging

August 3, 2012

Incorporating commercial tree plantations into existing farming practices can give massive direct and indirect economic and environmental benefits. It is a method of farming that is becoming more commonly considered by landowners as farmers look at diversification and greater financial returns.

These many benefits include:

  • Financial – An investment which yields a range of products including posts, poles, firewood and sawn timber.Forest logging and harvesting can be undertaken within any year or season so you can retain your timber until conditions best suit your needs.
  • Shade and Shelter – This can mean wind protection for other crops or pastures, protects livestock by reducing heat and cold extremes.
  • Reduced Sheep Mortality rates with greater protection during lambing in the extreme cold.
  • Dairy Cattle – Extra protection has shown to increase production in dairy cattle.
  • Beef Cattle – Greater weight gain with shelter.
  • Reduces Soil Erosion – Windbreak protection.
  • Firebreak – A low combustible plantation can act as an effective fire break.
  • Reduce Spray Drift – The windbreak prevents damage to nearby plants and areas.

These are only some of the benefits you can reap when looking at tree or timber plantations on your farm. Read more on the Department of Primary Industry’s site or contact Forest Logging Victoria – we know the industry well and can help with any information you need from planting through to tree felling and haulage.